Styring af objekter i 3D vha. Wii-controller

Last updated on June 11. 2007.
What does the title mean? It means "Controlling objects in 3D-space using a Wii-controller". What is it? It is a bachelor project written at DIKU, the Department of Computer Science at Copenhagen University, by Lasse Jon Fuglsang Pedersen and Anders Sabinsky Tøgern. Our supervisor was Jon Sporring of the DIKU Image Group. The project was written over the course of one semester. What about source code? All source code is available free of charge, but feel free to give credit where due. The code is written in C++ and compiles with Visual Studio 2005, but should be quite portable, except for perhaps for the HID class (of WiiLib), that is somewhat tied to the Windows XP operating system.
Download as PDF The report itself is unfortunately only available in Danish, but the abstract is also available in English.
Source code
WiiLib A class library written in C++ that facilitates communication with and treatment of data from a Wii-controller. Among other things, WiiLib exposes estimates of the current orientation and position of a connected Wii-controller. WiiLib supports both the built-in Bluetooth stack of Windows XP, and the BlueSoleil stack using a compile-time flag. If you want WiiLib to work on Linux, however, you will have to write your own HID class. WiiLibUnittests An application that performs some specialized tests on several components of WiiLib. WiiLib2MatLab An application to generate datasets in MatLab-format containing a specific number of samples of the acceleration of the controller. WiiLibTests An application to read and perform various tests on generated datasets. 3DOT WiiControllerExtension An extension for 3DOT that makes use of WiiLib. Requires a working 3DOT build environment.
WiiLibTestsDatasets A collection of datasets used in the testing chapter of our report. Their format can be parsed and analyzed using the WiiLibTests program.